You have a few options here, but they are pretty simple and strait forward. Please select the paint night that fits for what you are looking for, then the calendar will come up and you can sign yourself up for the night that works best for you.

Each person in your group will need to reserve their seats. Also you will not be charged for the paint night until you come in, If you have a coupon we will redeem it the night you come in. Make sure to enter the code under the barcode of your coupon in the message feild of your reservation, we will use this to redeem your coupon if you forget to bring it with you.

Locations of paint nights

We offer two paint night locations as of right now. You can also book us for a private event, or have us travel to another location for your event.

The Beer collective

Our Wed Night Paint nights are at the Beer Collective in new have located at 130 Cour St New haven

The Grove

We host paint nights at the grove on slected dates Thursday – Sunday. No we do not have paint nights every night you have to sign up ahead of time, see our clandar page to learn more.

Your paint will not be wasted

All of your paint that is left over at the end of the night gets recycled, used and transformed into some amazing art. We use the paint to produce paintings that we then bring into our sister design studio and produce prints, and other products. You can learn more about SAYNOEVIL by checing out our online store.

Frequently Ask Questions

we know you have lots of questiosn we do our best to answer all the calls we can, but hopefuly this section will be helpful to you.

How much is a paint night?

Please see the above pricing Chart for more information on how much a paint night is. We offere three prices and custom pricing for groups of 8 or more.

Can I schedule for more than one person?

No, unfortunatley the way the system we use works each person needs to reserve their own seats for the paint nights, unless you are booking a private paint night event.

Do you have wine?

Our paint nights are set up as BYOB events, we will check ID’s of people who bring Wine or Beer. If you are attending one of our paint nights at The Beer Collective then you can not bring wine or beer. We do ask that if you plan on bring alcohol that you stick to either wine or beer, thank you.

How long is the paint night?

Paint nights are 2 hours?

What can I paint?

Our paint nights are set up so that you can pick anything you want, you have seen or that you have come up with on your own. The options are endless and you can customize your options specificlly to you. we ask that you keep the ideas to something that can be done in two hours. We spend the evening working with everyone one on one and can get most peoples ideas done, that being said, do not bring a picture of the Mona Lisa expecting to leae with an exact replica by the end of the night.

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